For studies, work, or simply to help your child improve in English. Look at our current offers on courses and choose the one that is most suited to you.

German Courses

  • ID: 1247

German Courses German courses are available on request based on the requirements of the student.  All levels are available and taught by a qualified Slovak German teacher.  Beginner levels will focus on getting you started with the basics of grammar and vocabulary, while later courses will introduce a wider range…

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Private Lesson

  • ID: 1239

Private Lesson We know that many busy people do not have time for regular lessons and need something more intensive.  For this purpose we offer one-to-one classes (or small group classes) at times that best suit the student.  Furthermore, the lessons are taught in a way that meets the needs of…

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  • ID: 878

Pre-Schoolers For your children we have prepared a special active course with a teacher who has over 10 years experience dedicated to children at a pre-school age. During activities such as dancing, singing, reading and drawing, children are unaware that they are learning and responding in a foreign language, which…

  • 20 Lessons
  • Level 0
  • course for kids
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Young Learners

  • ID: 884

Young Learners This course is for students who want, or need, to improve their English. Children will expand their vocabulary and master simple conversations appropriate to their age. Classes are loosely organised by age into 7-9 (YL0) / 10-11 (YL1) / 12-13 (YL2).

  • 40 Lessons
  • Level 9-12 years of age
  • course for kids
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  • ID: 891

Beginners For beginners who have no knowledge of English, but also for those who know only the most basic words in English. The course will help students build vocabulary and grammar.

  • 48 Lessons
  • Level 0
  • training course
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