Lorenz Goebels teaches students from a Pre-intermediate level to a general Advanced level.

At these levels students build on their previous knowledge and abilities to:

  • understand and use everyday phrases and terms,
  • describe in detail events in their life,
  • communicate with English speaking people who speak clearly but at a higher level of language,
  • understand the written word in newspapers, magazines, brochures and books,
  • understand various reports and other spoken information,
  • promptly communicate at a suitable level with native speakers form English speaking countries.

Lorenz was born in southern England and has a British accent, but not regional. After graduating from university, Lorenz taught English for one year in China, from where he returned to the UK to focus on teaching English in schools. Since arriving in Slovakia in 2004 he worked in the bilingual school in Sučany for 9 years, as well as various other language institutions in Martin, and has been working in Native School since 2008.