Why Native School of English?

Native School of English was established to ensure that all students have access to the best available methods of teaching English language and the necessary materials.

Together we have over 30 years of experience, which allows us to cover all your language needs, such as preparing to attend secondary school exams, FCE / CAE / IELTS (recognised worldwide) and teaching business English at a high professional level.

The top priority in our school is the student. Since quality is more important than quantity, our students can expect an exceptional level of service while being given personal attention and detail.

Given that each student is unique and has different needs, Native School of English strive to recognise each such need and aims to meet them. In our lessons we try to create a pleasant and interesting environment and adapt it so that it should benefit everyone, while encouraging each student to be actively involved in learning. We believe in fact that the basic English study should be an interactive experience which students will always enjoy.

Our school has everything you might need to develop your language skills, whether for private lessons or group lessons with several other students.

Contact information

Telephone number: Ing. Mgr. Zuzana Goebels Žilková  0904 159 951
Email: info@nativeschool.sk
Mailing address:
Native School of English s.r.o.
Kollárova 73
036 01 Martin

Native School of English s.r.o.                          Native School SK s.r.o.

ID: 46248307                                                        ID: 52345351
TIN: 2023294185                                                 TIN: 2120997087

Term times

The school year is divided into 3 trimesters:

  1. trimester: September – December
  2. trimester: January – March
  3. trimester: April –  July

Each year will cover one level of English.

Payment information

Company Course Payments

Account number: 4013953335
Bank Code: 7500 (CSOB)
SWIFT: SK16 7500 0000 0040 1395 3335

VS COURSE Cena/trimester Books DISCOUNT (-5%)* DISCOUNT (-10%)**
001 Beginners  €125  €30 (€19+€11)
002 Pre-Intermediate  €168  €30 (€19+€11)  €159  €150
003 Intermediate  €168  €30 (€19+€11)  €159  €150
004 Upper-Intermediate  €168  €30 (€19+€11)  €159  €150
005 Maturita  €168
006 FCE intensive  €299
007 CAE intensive  €299
008 FCE semi-intensive  €168  €21  €159  €150
009 CAE semi-intensive  €168  €31  €159  €150
010 Young Learners 1,2  €95  €91  €86
010 Children-Nursery  €40
106 fee per FCE test
107 fee per CAE test

* Discount for long-term students from the previous year.
* Discount for current students who recommend and bring a new student.

** Discount for long-term students who study at our school for longer than 1 year.
** Combination of discounts for long-term students and recommending a new student.

Forms of payment

1. In cash – to a teacher before or after class, or in the school office

2. Bank transfer

3. With invoice – if you need us to invoice your payment, please inform us by e-mail, together with your invoice information

Warning: If a student does not pay their fee for the course in time, there arises a risk that they will not be allowed into class. Thus, we request you respect the terms of payment. 

General conditions

During registration into the given course, the student confirms acceptance and agreement with the stated General conditions. 

Obligation to attend the course arises for the student at the moment of registration to the course. Afterwards, the student is obliged to pay the fee for the course. The sum of the fees is published on the website of the school. The fee must be paid by the last day of the starting month of the course. It is possible to pay the fee in several payments only on the basis of a mutual agreement of the contractual parties. 

A student involved in group education has an option of purchasing part of a trimester only on the basis of mutual agreement of the contractual parties prior to starting the course. In case a student, due to various reasons, does not attend part of the education during the given trimester, for which they registered before, without an announcement of this fact prior to starting the course, they do not have any right to a refund for not attending this part of the course.

In case a student, due to various reasons, decides not to further attend the course in the given trimester, they have an obligation to announce this fact to a school representative. However, this decision has no influence for payment of all the fees related to the whole trimester.