Eva Ruttkayová teaches beginners (level 1), ‘Young Learners’ and intermediate (level 2).

In these three levels of knowledge:

  • you will be able to understand basic English expressions
  • expand your vocabulary
  • understand the basics of grammar
  • you can build on your existing language knowledge
  • you will be able to practice what you have learned
  • you will be able to actively participate in short conversations and discussions

Eva comes from Martin, Slovakia, where after studying at the Academy of education she obtained FCE. She lived and worked in England for 11 years, where she earned a degree in CAE Business Administration. During her stay in England she also operated a private pre-school for four years. After returning from England she successfully completed the Slovak state exam in English language. She also took part in a course The Lector of Further Education in Martin. Thanks to the successful application for EU grant for teachers, in September 2013 Eva completed a course in the UK focused on the methodology of teaching English. Currently teaching English not only in the Native School of English, where teaching is done mainly using a British accent. Eva has successfully taught a course for Young Learners children, beginners and intermediates for the sixth year. It also resulted in the first-year summer course for preschool children, as well as annual course for preschool children, where the children through play become acquainted with their first English words and phrases.